What Is Botnet? How To Detect And Prevent It?

What Is BotnetYou have many questions What are Bots, Botnets, and Zombies? Botnet Definition. How Does A Botnet Attack Work? Botnet DDoS? What Is Botnet? And Many More. Today I gonna tell you What Is Botnet? How To Detect And Prevent It ?. So, without wasting any time let’s get started –

What Is Botnet?

A botnet is a network of computers that are compromised and are under the control of an attacker. Every particular device in a botnet is named as a bot. A bot is typically formed when a computer is infected malware. This malware allows the crooks to control the computer remotely without the knowledge of the owner of the computer. The attackers who control these botnets are referred to as “botmasters” or “bot herders”.

In Other Word – 

A botnet is a group of computers connected to an integrated fashion for malicious purposes. Each computer in a botnet is called a bot. These bots create a network of compromised computers, which are controlled by a third party and are used to transmit malware or spam or to launch attacks.

“A botnet may also be known as a zombie army.”

Attackers use botnets for most of the work, most of them criminal The most common applications for the botnet included include service attacks, email spam promotions, theft of information and spreading adware/spyware with a bot appointment to attack a botnet. Bassmasters usually employ these bots by spreading insects, Botnet viruses or other malware. The web browser is a bot malware that can be used in hacking and infected on computers. Once a computer is infected with a Botnet virus, it will be connected to the bot master’s command and control (C & C) server. From there the attacker can communicate and control bots. When the button reaches the desired size, Hawker can handle the Botnet and carry the attacks (loading the server, stealing data, sending spam, clicking fraud etc.).

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Botnet Detection and Prevention :

A botnet detection can be difficult because these bots are designed for the operation of the user without any knowledge. However, there are some common symptoms that you can find if a computer is infected with a botnet virus. Some of them are –

1) IRC traffic (use of IRC for contact with botmasters and botnets)

2) High Portable SMTP Traffic

3) Unexpected popups

4) Slow computing with a high CPU usage

5) Traffic, especially port 6667 (which is used for IRC), port 25 (which is used for email spamming) and port 1080 (used by proxy server)

6) Outbound messages that were not sent by the user

7) Internet access problems

Methods To Prevent Botnets :

1) Network Basiling – The network performance and activity should be monitored so the irregular network behavior is clear.

2) Software Patch – All software on your computer should keep up to date security patch especially in the up-to-date.

3) Warning – Users should be trained to protect themselves from the activity, which puts them at risk of bot infection or other malware.

4) Anti-Botnet Tool – Anti-botnet tools can be used to get optimum results.

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