Top 5 Mx Player Secret Features – Unknown Features

Mx Player Secret FeaturesTop 5 Mx Player Secret Features – Mx Player is the most popular Android app that we are all using the app anytime. When you come to play video on your Android phone, the first name you think is MX Player. Mx Player became popular some reason it is very easy to use and reliable to all, and also it some secret features. Today in this article I gonna tell you some of the good secret features about Mx Player. Also Read – How To Change Randomly Wallpapers On Any Android Device.

Top 5 Mx Player Secret Features :

1 ) Customize Mx Player Using Theme

For customizing the video player, Open Mx Player home page then go to App Setting -> Player -> Theme. Chose your color which you want to save. From “Player Tab” customize the things like Orientation, Lock Mode, themes, Background Play, Preview, Zoom, Style, and Gestures, etc.

2 ) Use Mx Player As Music/Audio Player

For player audio in Mx Player, you complete some steps, Open Mx Player -> App Settings -> Audio -> Select Audio Player As Right Sign. From “Audio Tab” you can customize Audio Output, Volume Boost, System Volume, System Volume Panel, Pause On Headset Disconnected.

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3 ) Background Play Option 

Open Max Player app and see Menu> Settings> Players. Now scroll up and mark the next button in the background play. You can also choose to play audio playback individually now each time you play audio or video in the background.

4 ) Play YouTube Videos In Mx Player

Now open the Mx Player then go to options and then go to “Network Stream”. Copy any online video link and paste the link and that’s it you’re done, Enjoy the video.

5 ) Video Resume Option

Mx Player automatically provide Resume And Start Over. Many other apps offer the same function but Mx player is most accurate and well function. Mx player resume function works after mobile switch off.

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