What Is SS7 Attack? How Hackers Hack Using SS7 Attack?

SS7 AttackWhat Is SS7 Attack? How Hackers Hack Using SS7 Attack? – Security researchers have taken precautions about important security holes in the Saigalizing System 7 (SS7), which can read potentially massive text messages despite the most advanced encryption used by hackers in private phone calls and through cellular networks.

SS7 is a telephony signal protocol that was created through Telcos in the 1980s and has operated more than 800 telecom operators, including AT&T and Verizon, capable of sharing and exchanging data, writing folks and texts, roaming and other services.

What Is SS7 Attack?

Hackers have created a method of hacking SS7 that this hacker can read your text messages, listen to phone calls and track your mobile phone’s locations. This is possible by knowing your phone number using a hack in the global mobile phone network infrastructure.

How Hackers Hack Using SS7 Attack?

Note – This is just for education purpose, we do not support any types of unethical hacking.

Signaling System No. 7 (SS7 Attack) is a protocol that allows phone networks to transmit information, which is necessary to pass phone calls and text messages to each other and to ensure proper billing. Basically, it is a system that connects a mobile phone network to others. This allows users of a network to travel to a foreign country.

Once access to the SS7 system, hackers can access the same amount of information and impressive skills for security services. Therefore, they can detect blisters, caches, read texts, and identify the cell phones using the same phone that the phone’s networks help to maintain permanent services for your phone calls, texts and data.

In order to prevent hacking and maintain its users’ privacy, some organizations, including the Mobile Phone Operator Trade Association, have launched a series of surveillance programs on GSM, networks that are looking for the perfect signaling or misuse of the method. Mobile phone networks have also appointed security contractors to prevent the occurrence of SS7 hacks.

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How To Prevented From SS7 Attack?

This recent SS7 attack spreads lightly through lack of design and privacy in the worldwide telephone network protocol, it is clear that real-world SS7 attacks are possible. And the SS7 network is used worldwide because the problem puts billions of users in danger.

This phenomenon also highlights the risks of relating to SMS-based two-factor authentication.

Although the network operator can not patch the hole at any time, smartphone users can do anything. Avoid using two-factor authentication via SMS text for receiving an OTP code. Instead, the cryptographically-based security key as a second authentication factor depends on.

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