How To Speed Up Pen Drive Data Transfer

Speed Up Pen Drive Data TransferHow To Speed Up Pen Drive Data Transfer – One of the most common tasks performed by a user in transferring data between a PC’s internal storage and an external drive. Photos, videos, important files, data backups, they all need to be transmitted over and over sometimes and anytime.

Most of the time, when you send any broad file to your pen drive then you will see this process takes long time complete. If you are using USB 2.0 then the problem is common to all. Today I gonna tell you How To Speed Up Pen Drive Data Transfer and save your time. So, without wasting any time let’s gets started –

Best Factor For Data Transfer Rate :

1) Pen Drive Ripeness – Well, this is common for any device because when it is old, the rates become slower.

2) File Type – Data transfer rate also depends on file type; You may have noticed that tracks, videos, and documents take a short time to move when application files need more time.

3) USB Port Version – The most popular version of USB 2.0, and it will give you 35 Mbps speed. So, if you want fast speed, buy Pen Drive in version 2.0.

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Best Method To Speed Up Pen drive Data Transfer :

1 ) File System Set As NTFS – If you want to speed up the pen drive, make sure that your NTFS file system is there. You can choose the “NTFS” file system, right-clicking on your pen drive and selecting the format, unchecked fast formatting and click on “Start“.Speed Up Pen Drive Data Transfer

2 ) Disk Errors – To check disk errors, go to your “Pen Drive Properties” tab, then select “Tools” tab. You will receive a “Check Now” button, click it and then hit “Start” to fix errors. The time taken for the scan depends on the size of the pen drive.Speed Up Pen Drive Data Transfer

3 ) Device Policy: Under the features of your pen drive, select the “Hardware” tab. Then select the USB device from there that will take you to the pop-up window where you have to change the settings. You can also perform fine functions of pen drive by clicking on the option under the “Hardware” tab.Speed Up Pen Drive Data Transfer

4 ) Format: This is one of the most effective options that many users have tried. When you have used your pen drive for a long time, you can speed it up by formatting the device.Speed Up Pen Drive Data Transfer

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