How To Speed Up Google Chrome And Fix Ram Management

How To Speed Up Google ChromeHow To Speed Up Google Chrome – The two methods given below can easily issue a very serious problem with Google Chrome. Please follow them to increase your performance by using Chrome for web browsing on your browser.

Why Google Chrome Have High RAM Usage?

Google Chrome use lot of RAM because it stores every tab, every extension, as well as all the plugins, such as the various processes in RAM. This is known as the “isolation” process, This speed and stability are increased. Every element never dies in a special process. And even if a material crashes, the rest of the browser stably works the only downside that the cost of the RAM is too high and the cost of the asset is bigger.

How To Speed Up Google Chrome And Fix Ram Management :

Method 1 – 

Chrome’s Task Manager

Many users do not know this information that a task manager that manages processes run by the browser has been created in Chrome. Here’s how to access it.

Windows: “Shift +Esc”.
MAC: “Windows Menu”.Chrome Task Manager

You can disable unnecessary processes and fix Google Chrome RAM management from here.

Method 2 – 

Tab Discarding

This method uses a lot of RAM to fix Google Chrome. How to do this setting cancels the tabs used to store RAM.

To enable Tab Discarding, follow the step below.

In your address bar, type “chrome://flags/#enable-tab-discarding” without the quotes and hit Enter.

Click “Enable” under the entry for “Enable Tab Discarding”.

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