How To Setup iOS 11 Control Center On Android Device (No Root)

iOS 11 Control Center On AndroidHow To Setup iOS 11 Control Center On Android Device (No Root) – If you are an iOS lover then we think you also like the all iOS setting. For all iOS setting most popular is the iOS control center. Do you know you can use an iOS 11 like control center on Android?

If you are using an android phone and you boring with native control center interface. Then you look for the right place, Today we are introducing to you How To Setup iOS 11 Control Center On Any Android Device.

How To Setup iOS 11 Control Center On Android Device :

Without Root – 

1 ) Download “iOS 11 Control Center” App From HereDownload From Here

2) Open the app, then you saw the picture

3 ) On “Control Center ToggleiOS 11 Control Center On Android

4 ) Now you have seen “Small Border” down of the screen

5 ) Drag it up, then you saw the “iOS-like Control Center” over hereiOS 11 Control Center On Android

6 ) Customize your Control Center as you wantiOS 11 Control Center On Android


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Some Feature Of iOS 11 Control Center :

⊹ The control center is customizable and there are options to further expand the settings. It has no longer split across multiple screens, and 3D Touch integration on OS 11 Control Center, so you can do more without needing to open the Settings app.
⊹ Control Panel – Smart Control A Simple OS 11 Flat Design brings you experience using iControl, setting with ioOs full features, Smart toggle.
⊹ iPanel Support Toggle for Data Connection like íOs Setting.
⊹ ÍOS settings Quick Toggle OS 11, allow turn On/Off Bluetooth.
⊹ Control panel into alarm easy with Smart control our app.
⊹ Wi-Fi: Turn on Wi-Fi to browse the web, stream music, download movies, and more.
⊹ Bluetooth: Connect to headphones, car kits, wireless keyboards, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
⊹ Do Not Disturb – Silence calls, alerts, and notifications that you receive while your device is locked.
⊹ Flashlight – The LED flash doubles as a flashlight in your camera, so you can get extra light if you need it.
⊹ Camera – Never misses a moment to take a picture with quick access to your camera.
⊹ OS 11 Control Center Easy to adjust brightness with sliders like New iPhone 7 and iPhone 10
⊹ Smart control 11 Adjust brightness with the slider on control panel toggle manually.
⊹ Control Panel OS 11 is Changer brightness by seeking bar like on new Phone 6s.
⊹ Airplane Mode: turn on/off Air Plane mode quickly for safe flight without turn off your phone7
⊹ Control Center OS 11 Silent mode: You can quickly switch from regular mode.
⊹ Control Quick access to wireless & networks.
⊹ Smart control for Bluetooth style iOS controller
⊹ Control panel airplane for ìọs controller
Control Center 11 Toggle Quick access to Camera, Alarm

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