How To Setup Google Assistant On Android Lollipop (No Root)

How To Setup Google Assistant On Android Lollipop (No Root)How To Setup Google Assistant On Android Lollipop – Google Assistant is a virtual assistant by Google. And it is the best voice assistant available till date, period. Every time we have already emerged as a winner it has been compared with other voice colleagues like Apple Siri and Windows Cortana. Officially it is only available for Android 6.0 and above. But with this method, you can get Google Assistant on Android 5.0. Also Read – How To Fix Unfortunately Stop Error On Android (3 Methods).

How To Setup Google Assistant on Android Lollipop :

Method 1 – Using System Setting

1) “Download” this application and update your “Google App” to the latest version.

2) Now open the application and click on your Staff tab and then add a reminder.

3) Now go to “Settings> Language and Input> Voice Input” and click on “Advanced Google Services“.

4) Now just press your home button and start your “Google Assistant“.

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Method 2 – Using Nova Launcher

1) Find an empty spot on your home screen and long-press to add something new.

2) Tap “Widget“.

3) Under “Nova Launcher” press and hold “Activity” and drag it to your Home screen.

4) Scroll down and find “Google App“.

5) Tap to expand it, and select the activation.

6) This will add a new “Google Assistant” icon to your home screen, a shortcut to this activity. Tap this icon

7) You will now find yourself in the new Assistant “Explore” screen where Google aggregates the integration available, how to use them and quick access to create custom shortcuts.

8) Swipe up the “Your Staff” tab above.

9 ) Tap on “Add Reminder” to trigger Google Assistant. What this thing does is launch the activity Activity – Which usually cannot be accessed on your unrooted device.

10 ) Now you can take the Hotword setup process through. Teach them to recognize your voice, and you’re done! Now you can access Google Assistant by saying “OK Google!

It may not guarantee that it will work but it has a fine prospect of 99% work.

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