How To Save YouTube Videos To Google Drive – Easy Method

Save YouTube Videos To Google DriveHow To Save YouTube Videos To Google Drive – YouTube has a collection of million videos that you can play in different formats, or you can download it on your device using a download manager, but it is that if you want to download a lot of videos, then you have your own custom list, then you can save videos to your device. For some additional places need requiring. Yes, by following these simple steps, you can easily backup your upload videos to Google Drive. Also Read – Google Tricks – Play Fidget Spinner On Google.

Note This – All your YouTube videos added to the Drive folder within a few hours. If the total size of your video exceeds 2 GB, it creates multiple files of 2 GB each.

How To Save YouTube Videos To Google Drive :

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1 ) First of all, you have to open Google Takeout Page.Save YouTube Videos To Google Drive

2) The thing you should remember is that you should log in to your YouTube channel with your ID.

3) Now you will open a new page where you will see the “Customized Download Format” title. Find the “Delivery Method” option under that title and select “Add Drive” from the list under it.

4) Now click the “Create Archive” button at the bottom of the page. This is a blue button which is easily available. That’s right, you are almost done now.Save YouTube Videos To Google Drive

5 ) Let the videos to be zipped and these will be added to the “Google Drive Folder” after some time.Save YouTube Videos To Google Drive

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