How To Remove Duplicate Contacts From Any Android Phone

Remove Duplicate ContactsHow To Remove Duplicate Contacts From Any Android Phone – When you see in your contact list, you will see lots of duplicate contacts available. This is not only your problem we are all found same on our contact list. You will not found the exact contact in right time. This is a very bad experience to all and also uses lots of memory space. Today I gonna tell you How To Remove Duplicate Contacts From Your Android Phone which you use to remove all the contacts with a similar name in the contact listSo, without wasting any time let’s get started –

How To Remove Duplicate Contacts From Android Phone :

Note This – The easiest way to get rid of those contacts is by manually deleting them.

1 ) First of all, Download “Simpler Merge Duplicates” on your Android phone.Download From Here

2 ) After install process done, then you can use this app to “find out all possible extinction contacts” of the same name.Simpler Merge Duplicates

3 ) Ones you found/saw all the possible merges then you need to touch on “Merge Button“.

4 ) And it will merge your contacts with the same name, which means the contact with the same name will be deleted and only one copy will be used.

5 ) You’ve finished all the contacts merged right now and you’ll only see unique contacts on your phone.

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Features Of Simpler Merge Duplicates –

– Duplicate contact identifier: Scan your contacts and detect duplicate contacts.
– Duplicate contacts reminder: Remove the identities of duplicate contacts and copy only the copies of each number.
– Contact Recovery: You can recover deleted contacts. The file is stored in the folder that you can add to the deleted contact again. Delete contacts are store in the vcf file on the sd card.
– Allow deleting a single or multiple contacts.
Backup all your contacts as CSV, TEXT, and VCF formats
– Import and export all your contacts from different phones
– Transfer all of your contacts to a different account.
– Share or save backup files to Gmail

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