Recording Video When Screen Light Off – Using Hidden Camera App

Recording Video When Screen Light Off – Are you searching for the best Android hidden camera app? These apps are the most powerful, hidden and security spy apps to use because it turns on your phone’s stealth mode capturing videos and photos. It comes with No shutter or button sounds, in addition to putting all other phone activities off, there also No awkward incoming ringtones or messages that will interrupt your spying mission, and the most interesting thing about this app is its operates without the phone screen ON.  Also Read – Download NCS Song – Best Way To Listen NCS Song.

Hidden Camera Without Icon is a background camera recorder for expert video recording and is the useful app available in the Android store for background mobile recorder. Details, Features And How To Given Bellow –

Recording Video When Screen Light Off – Hidden Camera App :

1 ) Hidden Camera Without Icon –download from here

Recording Video When Screen Light Off

The hidden camera does not record the background without the icon, there is no preview, so you can use your phone as normal and no one can tell you to do video recording.
Only one touch for instant recording, scheduling recording – Hidden Camera App

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Features : 

★ Start mode when: turn on the screen, open another app …
★ Unlimited number video recording
★ Unlimited video duration
★ No camera shutter sound
★ Get started automatically after the REBOOT
★ No preview
★ No notification
★ Can record a phone call time.
★ Close the screen and continue recording in background mode.
★ Schedule for video recording at certain times
★ Front and back camera support
★ Full HD Video (1920×1080) recording
★ Enabled / Disabled Notification, when the screen messages stop/stop recording
★ Check free storage before recording
★ Easy to open a folder containing recorded videos
★ Protect video from password lock screen
★ Show/hide video from gallery

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