What Is Google Voice And How To Use It And Works?

What Is Google Voice?What Is Google Voice And How To Use It And Works?Google Voice has redefined our calling process. This is a free phone service that is becoming popular day by day. So, if you have not heard about Google Voice yet and want to know how it works, then it’s a Google Dynamic, especially digital post. Today I gonna tell you What Is Google Voice And How To Use It And Works? So, without wasting any time let’s get started –

What Is Google Voice?

Google Voice is a voicemail service from Google that enables users to send free text messages, customize their voicemail, read voicemail text, and much more. Google’s Voicemail service, which requires a Google Voice invitation code to set up previously, is now available free to all Gmail users.

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How To Use It And Works?

In computing, Google Voice gives you with some intelligent phone features that you do not get into existing handsets and services.

For example, Google Voice can set up intelligent call forwarding.

Google Voice can set up call calls from your office phone to 5 in the afternoon, and can also call on your smartphone later

With Google Voices, you can set rules based on phone calls, phone numbers, and callers.

Google Voice allows you to customize the ring. You can set the rules of playing and determine. So, call from some calls only to watch the house, others may go directly to voicemail.

Google Voice offers a web interface to your phone and service. This means that you are going to Gmail so you can manage, file and save voice messages online.

You can go to Customize greetings by caller and group. You can dial a phone related to a web interface or a helpful program.

Google Voice comes with some strong speed dialing tools. You can make cheap international calls together with call records and free SMS (what Google Voice is).

However, you still need a regular phone number to use Google Voice.

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Feature (Google Voice) :

  • The only Google forwarding number on all the user’s phones
  • Unlimited free calls and SMS in the US and Canada, up to three hours of personal length.
  • Calling international phone numbers starting from 0.01 USD per minute
  • Call screening Automatic identification request for caller announcement or block number based on block numbers
  • Listening to the recording of a voice message before receiving a call (When Replying, press 2)
  • Blocking calls from a specific number
  • As a telemarketer, block calls from numbers marked as Google
  • Send, drink and save SMS/MMS online
  • Guess incoming calls on a configured phone
  • Call the phone to call or phone number that should ring based on the number of calls.
  • Together with all of a user’s specific phone, call the routing of the phone that is answered.
  • Voicemail transcripts read online voicemail messages
  • Voicemail online / app or listening to a phone call from your account
  • Notification of voicemail messages via email or SMS
  • Personalized wishes based on call numbers
  • Forwarding or downloading voicemail
  • Call conference (5 answers when answering the call)
  • Call Recording and Online Storage Call (press a call key 4)
  • Switch phones during a call
  • See web inbox from a mobile device/phone
  • Customize preferences for contacts by group
  • Start and receive calls through voice
  • Ability to change your number for a fee
  • The ability to port your mobile number for a fee
  • Specify an existing phone number instead of the Google Voice number for initial setup for use of user phone
  • numbers (mobile devices) using limited functionality, such as some voicemail function and voice mail system.


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