How To Fix Any DLL Errors In Windows

Fix Any DLL Errors In WindowsHow To Fix Any DLL Errors In Windows – The operating system supported DLL file is not available when the program is installed when this error occurs. So you can not install your program due to this error. In today’s modern world millions of software and games are installed. Sometimes it will show you the DLL error when you install such software. Today we are going to discuss How To Fix Any DLL Errors In Windows. Also Read – How To Use Keyboard As Mouse (Full Tutorial).

What Is DLL File?

A DLL can not run without an executable file. Executable, or “EXE”, start the program and calls the DLL files that are needed to run the program. The program can open and run on Microsoft Windows. Double click on the icon for the program to open the program.

How To Fix Any DLL Errors In Windows :

1 ) First of all note down the DLL error name.

2 ) Open And then search DLL file which is missing.

3 ) Now it will give you a zip File, Download it and extract it and you will get a DLL file.

4 ) Now Paste the file into the default windows system folder.

For Windows 95/98/Me –

C: Windows/System

For WindowsNT/2000 –

C: Windows/System32

For Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 –

C: Windows/System32

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