How To Extract Text From Any Image

How To Extract Text From Any ImageHow To Extract Text From Any Image – “Image To Text” is that possible. Yes, it is possible. Sometimes you come across some awesome text quotes which are in a form of image and you like them so much but you can write that because of they may be too long to type but well we have an awesome online tool from you easily Extract Text From Any Image. Also Read – How To Fix Any DLL Errors In Windows.

How To Extract Text From Any Image :

1. First of all, go to Free OCR.Free OCR

2. Then click on “Upload” and choose your image or enter the URL of the image, wait till it completes the process of uploading.

3. Now select the language in which the text has been written in the image.

4. Then click on “Start”, after few seconds it will give the results.Free OCR Proof

5. Finally, download the text file from below option.

6. That’s it you are done.

7 ) You have successfully extracted Text from the Image.

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About OCR :

Free OCR is an online website that costs you minutes and free for yourself. The process is simple and easily uploads the text image to the website and then click to send the image process and click on the image to find out the text.

In other words – is a free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool. You can use this service to send text from any image provided by the supplier. This service is free, no registration required. We do not need your email address.
Just upload your image files. Free OCR takes a JPG, GIF, TIFF BMP or PDF (only the first page).

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