How to Create Nameless Folder on Your Pc

Create Nameless FolderHave you tried to create a nameless folder? I think you do not know How To Create Nameless Folder, That is you are here. This is the very tricks we are post into Pc Tricks caterory. Today I gonna tell you How To Create Nameless Folder. Also Read –

Which can be useful in many ways you can hide your content from people and the most interesting part is that you can trick this thing with your friends and make them jealous.

How to Create Nameless Folder on Your Pc :

1 ) First of all, Create a new folder wherever you want to create.

2 ) Right click on the new folder and select “Rename”.

3 ) Now delete the text “New Folder”.

4 ) Next press and hold the “Alt Key” and type “0160” from the num lock keypad.

5 ) Leave the alt key and “Press Enter“.

6 ) You have successfully created a folder without a name.

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